Andrés Úbeda: a closer look at Georges de La Tour

Andrés Úbeda: a closer look at Georges de La Tour

In this video, Andrés Úbeda, in-house curator, comments the exhibition exhibition Georges de La Tour that has recently open at the Museo del Prado in Madrid.

Georges de La Tour has only recently been discovered in terms of his artistic personality. Little is known of his early training in the Catholic city of Vic-sur-Seille in Lorraine (France), which he must have completed around 1610 when he was aged about 17. Subsequent documentation reveals him as a financially successful painter with a brusque personality but professionally renowned. At the end of his career La Tour was appointed painter to Louis XIII.

La Tour lived at a crucial period for the history of Lorraine, which culminated with the loss of the duchy’s political independence. Within this context the artist evolved a painting of surprising lyricism, particularly in his nocturnal scenes, nearly all of them religious. These are almost monochrome works with monumental forms, filled with solitude and silence.



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