#ArgentinaPlataformaARCO: Leandro Erlich, Jorge Macchi and the Constantini Collection for ARCO2017

#ArgentinaPlataformaARCO: Leandro Erlich, Jorge Macchi and the Constantini Collection for ARCO2017

Argentina disembarks in ARCOmadrid 2017 to present one of the most active artistic contexts of the continent. A profound and intense curatorial project, put together by Inés Katzenstein and Sonia Becce, will aid the discovery of this presence so meticulously organised for the occasion. ‘Argentina Plataforma ARCO’, a section enjoying the collaboration of the Argentine Ministry for Culture together with arteBA, will constitute one of the main draws of the next Fair edition, organised by IFEMA, from 22 to 26 February.

A total of 12 Argentine galleries have been selected by Inés Katzenstein (independent curator and director of the art department of the UTDT) to take part in the ‘Argentina Plataforma ARCO’ programme. In addition to these galleries, the Argentine participation will be completed with exhibitions in Madrid which, under the curatorship of the independent curator Sonia Becce, will spread the country’s contemporary artistic scene to different spaces in the city. All of this will enable an analysis of its excellent artists while providing a vision of galleries, collecting, curatorship and criticism in this country.

Of the 12 participating galleries in Argentina Plataforma ARCO, all from Buenos Aires, two will attend the Fair for the first time: COSMOCOSA and ISLA FLOTANTE. These will be joined by others that already took part last year, including BARRO; DEL INFINITO; HENRIQUE FARIA BUENOS AIRES; IGNACIO LIPRANDI; JORGE MARA LA RUCHE; NORA FISCH; RUTH BENZACAR and SLYZMUD; and another two returning galleries: MITE and VASARI.

Continuing with ARCOmadrid’s focus on the presentation of artists individually or in dialogue, the galleries of Argentina Plataforma ARCO will also present the work of either one or two artists, again selected by Inés Katzenstein. This programme, bringing together a total of 23 artists from the country, along with a representation of Argentine creators in other sections of the Fair, will bring collectors, professionals and the general public closer to the contemporary art production of this active market.

The curator’s selection will present internationally renowned artists such as Alberto Greco; Eduardo Stupia and Mirtha Dermisache, along with others yet to be discovered by the public such as Diego Bianchi, Pablo Accinelli or Sol Pipkin, thus consolidating  ARCOmadrid as a space for getting to know and discovering creators. Along with these, a number of the other Fair programmes will also host conceptual Argentine artists such as David Lamelas; Edgardo Antonio Vigo and Victor Grippo, as well as Adriana Minoliti; Aimée Zito Lema; Jorge Macchi; Leandro Erlich and Miguel Rothschild.

Cultural dialogue and exchange
The country’s art scene is also reflected at ARCOmadrid in the Forum and Professional Encounters, that constitute the reflection and exchange platform between the guests and the galleries. Outstanding curators and prestigious critics from Argentina, or residents in the country, will take centre stage on next edition’s calendar, including Victoria Noorthoorn and the Spaniard Agustín Pérez Rubio, art director of the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano, among others. They will be joined by active collectors and special guests who will travel from Argentina to attend ARCOmadrid, to exchange ideas and forge ties with the participating galleries.

Madrid aligns itself with Argentine Art
Argentina Plataforma ARCO will spread throughout the entire city with exhibitions in different spaces of the capital, offering an unprecedented sample of contemporary Argentine art under the curatorship of Sonia Becce in Spain.

Among other exhibitions, the Colección Costantini, at the Real Academia de San Fernando; Diego Bianchi and Luis Garay at Matadero; Nicolás Robbio, at La Casa Encendida; Leandro Erlich, at Espacio Fundación Telefónica; Jorge Macchi, at CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, to be joined by other shows at Caixa Forum, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, among others.

One of the central themes will be the group exhibition En el ejercicio de las cosas, curated by Sonia Becce and Mariano Mayer, comprising over 50 artists from different generations in 8 locations throughout the city: Casa Museo Lope De Vega; Casa de Vacas; Conde Duque; Tabacalera; Museo del Romanticismo; Casa de América; Biblioteca Nacional, and Alimentación30.

To complete its Madrid proposal, apart from screen projections in Plaza de Callao and residency programmes in El Ranchito, Casa Velázquez, Media Lab Prado and Educathyssen, the programme will also include a theatre, cinema and literature cycle, organised by Alejandro Tantanian and Marcelo Panozzo.

Top Image: Leandro Erlich. Changing Rooms. Imagen tomada en la International Shangai art festival.2013 ©Justin Jin, courtesy Leo Xu Projects

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