December 01, 2020

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ART21 presents Martin Puryear: “Big Bling”

ART21 presents Martin Puryear: “Big Bling”

This episode of ART21 Exclusive follows the fabrication and installation of Martin Puryear’s monumental public sculpture Big Bling (2016). “There’s a story in the making of objects,” the artist told ART21 in an archival interview. “There’s a narrative in the fabrication of things, which to me is fascinating.”

Because Puryear could not produce the colossal 40-foot sculpture in his studio, he worked with a team of expert manufacturers to realize his vision. At Unalam, a specialty lumber fabricator in Sidney, New York, glulam wood beams were bent to create the tight curves specified by his design. Jon Lash of Digital Atelier explains how materials such as chain link fencing were chosen to create an industrial-looking surface, which contrasts with the golden “bling” at the sculpture’s peak.

“Big Bling” is on view in Madison Square Park in New York City through January 8, 2017 and will later be presented in Philadelphia by the Association for Public Art.

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