December 02, 2020

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ARTEFIERA: the 40 years celebration

ARTEFIERA: the 40 years celebration

Sandy SkoglundRevenge of the goldfish 1981 Color photograph, 68.75×87.5 ca. cm Courtesy: Galleria Paci Contemporary (Brescia, IT)

As of January 29, and until February 1. 2016, BolognaFiere ARTE FIERA will be presenting a special edition to celebrate 40 years of the event, together with the city and Italy’s modern and contemporary art galleries.

190 galleries displaying 2000 works of art by 1000 artists will celebrate with enthusiasm the 40th edition. For the fourth year running, Claudio Spadoni and Giorgio Verzotti  will be the art directors.

This special ARTE FIERA will provide, for the first time, an overview of how the event has unfolded through a glance at the galleries, the culture and the art market in Italy. An innovative and interactive display will use archive material to narrate the history of the Fiera since its foundation in 1974


Dadamaino Volume, 1959 Tempera su tela forata, 80x50 cm Courtesy A arte Invernizzi, Milano Foto Bruno Bani, Milano
Dadamaino Volume, 1959
Tempera su tela forata, 80×50 cm Courtesy A arte Invernizzi, Milano Foto Bruno Bani, Milano

For this edition Arte Fiera will continue its focus on young artists. All of the galleries involved in this edition of Arte Fiera have been invited to exhibit works of artists under 40. A committee, made up of curators and directors of leading art institutions and museums, including Francesco Bonami (curator and president of the selection committee), Luca Lo Pinto (curator of Kunsthalle in Vienna), Laura Carlini Fanfogna (director of the Institution of Bologna Museums), Giacinto Di Pietrantonio (director of GAMEC in Bergamo), Hou Hanru (director of MAXXI in Roma), Andrea Bellini (Director of the Centre for Contemporary Art in Geneva), Alberto Salvadori (director of the Marino Marini Museum), will select the best works by artists under 40, whose works will be brought to the Pinacoteca to be displayed alongside those of the greats.

A suggestive and unique exhibition will trace the history of the event over the last 40 years , while offering a vision of the coming 40 years. The exhibition, also curated by Spadoni and Verzotti, will provide the first ever opportunity to admire works by the greatest modern and contemporary artists together in the same space. A fortieth anniversary to celebrate the exceptional as well as the traditional in which the exhibition route will be divided into five sections: the heart of the Fiera is represented by the Main Section with the main modern and contemporary art galleries, within this there will be a specially curated area named The Protagonists , created with the contribution of the galleries Continua , Galleria Milano , Lia Rumma , Studio La Città, Tega.

The section Solo Show offers an overview of Italian and international art with stands created by the galleries that propose special exhibitions of great artists , from the modern to contemporary. This section narrates the symbiosis between gallery owners and artists that has been so fundamental to success throughout the history of art.

The section New Proposals will include galleries that present the work of those aged under 35: a fundamental testimony of the role of research, discovery and the nurturing of new talent and new languages.

Also present this year, in its third edition, will be the section Photography created in collaboration with MIA Photo Fair – Milan Image Art Photo Fair and curated b y Fabio Castelli: an area that confirms the global trend of increasing interest in photography as an artistic language.

THE CONVERSATIONS The curatorial project for Arte Fiera 2016 will focus once again on a series of meetings for collectors. The Conversations , which will celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the event with the involvement of Italian and international experts who will reflect on how the interrelations and influences of Arte Fiera – over its 40 editions – has led to the growth of the Italian modern and contemporary art in the world. Curator Marcella Beccaria and journalist Riccarda Mandrini will curate the intense program of Conversations that will trace the activity of artistic and scientific research that led to the creation of the exhibition and the volume “ Arte Fiera 40 ”..


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