September 20, 2020

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Can you spot the Fake?! The Scottish National Portrait Gallery and The Great Masterpiece Challenge

Image: Mary, Queen of Scots, 1542 – 1587. Reigned 1542 – 1567

As part of a top-secret operation, priceless masterpieces have been removed from galleries and museums across the UK, including the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. In a further twist, these seven missing paintings have been switched for copies.

The heist has been coordinated by Sky Arts, in collaboration with the featured galleries, to launch a month-long competition for a new TV series called Fake! The Great Masterpiece Challenge.

Throughout July, use your detective skills to spot the seven copies hiding in plain sight on the walls of six galleries, in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Liverpool, London, and Manchester. All seven displays will also be available for investigation online, via the competition website.

Those of you with a keen eye who manage to correctly identify all seven ‘fakes’ stand the chance to take part in the series finale. Finalists will compete to win a specially-commissioned copy of their own.


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