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Jean Arp died in 1966

7 June, 2016

German-French sculptor, painter, poet Jean Arp was born in Strasbourg in 1886, and became known on the international art scene as one of the major artists of the 20th century.

“For Arp, art is Arp”, said Marcel Duchamp, as art was not limited to one definition, one affiliation, one style. In fact,  Arp’s development eschews a linear and Manichean art-historical reading: carefully chosen documents show how he shrugged off the dogmatic quarrels that opposed the various avant-gardes and succeeded in balancing apparently unreconcilable opposites as Expressionism and Dada, Dada and Surrealism, or Surrealism and Constructivism.

Alongside Sophie Taeuber-Arp, abstract painter and sculptor too, established a fertile artistic collaboration in the early years of their relationship, from 1916 to the mid 1920s.

When Arp spoke in German he referred to himself as “Hans”, and when he spoke in French he referred to himself as “Jean”.

We highlight here two exhibitions: Art is ARP, at the Musées de la Ville de Strasbourg, and Jean Arp & Sophie Taeuber Arp- Dada and Beyond, at the Museo Correr in Venice.

Top Image: Hans Jean Arp, Évocation d’une forme humaine lunaire spectrale, 1950, pierre calcaire grise, 28 x 22,5 x 19 cm, Fondation Arp, Clamart, photo J. P. Pichon. © ADAGP Paris 2008


7 June, 2016
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