December 12, 2019

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John Baldesarri: the Städel Painting and more

John Baldesarri: the Städel Painting and more

American artist John Baldessari (b. in National City, California, in 1931) is one of the most influential artists alive today. For “John Baldessari. The Städel Paintings”, the exhibition running until January 2016, he has, based on holdings from the Städel’s collection, created a new series of works. A number of very different works from the Städel holdings – masterpieces, but also unusual finds in the storage depots, by Lucas Cranach the Elder, Agnolo Bronzino, Dirck van Baburen, Bartolomeo Veneto, Justus Juncker, Erró, Maria Lassnig and others – served him as visual material for his large-scale collages.

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