Lin Utzon presents in Baluard her project Cosmic Dance, a parallel event to the Biennale of Architecture of Venice.

Lin Utzon will present her project “Cosmic Dance” from 26th May in Fondazione Giorgio Cini (Isola San Giorgio Maggiore) as a parallel event to the Biennale of Architecture of Venice.

On 25th April she, a Danish artist resident in Mallorca since young, will hold a premiere in Es Baluard addressed to the media and the interested public, where she’ll describe this proposed revision of her work, formed by more than 200 sculptures and 124 paintings and photographs.

“Cosmic Dance II” is based on her research on the use of traditional Mallorcan ceramic, which is adapted to build art-installation generally large, from the experience developed with Pere Coll in Pòrtol on siurells (clay figurines with a whistle attached and traditionally made in Mallorca since time ago), as well as large paintings and photographs.

Lin Utzon (Copenhagen, 1946) has been formed in Sydney, Copenhagen and Japan. From a young age she became interested in the inspirational potential of nature in a type of work that began in Mallorca 22 years ago with black and white paintings about the strength of the island landscape. She was also inspired by the production of clay and porcelain in Japan first at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory (now Royal Scandinavia) and later in Rosendahl, which led to her processes with the popular pottery in Mallorca and its derivations. Her first public project was the Bagsvaerd Church, which her father, the renowned architect Jørn Utzon, built in Denmark and which was decorated by Lin herself.

In all the work of Lin Utzon the progress from monumental architecture to changing scales which generate new visions from the individual to the collective is noticed.

25th April at 12 pm. Free and open activity.

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