Martin Creed. SAY CHEESE, extended

Martin Creed. SAY CHEESE, extended

At 21 January the solo exhibition SAY CHEESE! opened with an overview of works by British artist Martin Creed. Meanwhile, thousands of visitors, among which many children, have enjoyed Creed’s amazing world. Due to success, the exhibition will be prolonged until 11 June 2017.

SAY CHEESE! invites the viewer to journey in to the inner world of Martin Creed: a world full of humour and tongue-in-cheek irony. The visitor encounters works with cacti, balls and light bulbs, stacks of toilet paper rolls, chairs, tables and a wall covered with 1000 broccoli prints. In the midst of the artworks live piano music is heard played according to precise instructions from the artist and witnessed by an incongruous marathon runner who periodically passes through the gallery space.

ROJO Work No. 112 Thirty-nine metronomes beating time one at every speed (1995-1998) [Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth]

The performances that are part of Creed’s show, are on display at set times. See below for more information:
Work No. 850 (runners): Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 2 pm
Work No. 2734 (roving musicians): Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2 pm to 4 pm
Work No. 736 (piano player): on display daily

The exhibition brings together around 50 works to form a coherent reflection of Creed’s versatile and characteristic oeuvre and has been realized in close collaboration with the artist.

Museum Voorlinden published the catalogue ‘Martin Creed – SAY CHEESE!’ for this exhibition.

SAY CHEESE! highlights Creed’s playful vision of the world and his ongoing fascination with the common and the everyday object. Inspired by daily life Creed makes simple but idiosyncratic works. With minimal intervention to the familiar items he employs, Creed allows the materials to speak for themselves. The everyday chaos Creed experiences forms an ongoing trigger to create art. Consequently, it results in artworks consisting of arrangements and stacks of similar objects or serial repetitions of the same gesture.

Martin Creed (1968) is a visual artist and musician, living and working in London. He is one of the leading artists of his generation having won the Turner Prize in 2001. Museum Voorlinden has been following Creed’s work for many years and has collected a broad selection of his work. By staging ‘SAY CHEESE!’ Museum Voorlinden continues its exhibition program with artists that are strongly linked to the collection. The visual experience and the autonomy of the spectator are key. A smile, a frown, a moment of inspiration: the visitor is free to make interpretations and associations.
Martin Creed. SAY CHEESE is on display at Museum Voorlinden until 11 June 2017.

Top Image: Work No. 628 (2007) [Collection of L. Steinberg and B. Nadal-Ginard] image: Antoine van Kaam


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