December 05, 2020

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Museum Tinguely: new presentation of the collection and new digital exhibition guide

Museum Tinguely: new presentation of the collection and new digital exhibition guide

The new presentation of Museum Tinguely’s collection and the new digital exhibition guide From June 2018, in keeping with Jean Tinguely’s motto « Everything moves! Rest does not exist! »: the museum in Basel presents the collection in a new permanent show, offering fresh perspectives on the artist’s innovative practice.

Across variously designed spaces on three storeys, the expanded presentation covers the Swiss artist’s work from 1955 to 1990. With added works on loan, key themes are explored, as well as aspects and groups of works that have received little attention to date, like his early works with sound, the series of Débri(s)collages (1974) and the models for the Wettstein Bridge (1990) .

With the digital exhibition guide «Meta-Tinguely», the museum is also launching a new educational aid with information and playful interactive elements in three languages.

This summer, Museum Tinguely opens the new expanded presentation of its permanent exhibition on a surface of 1200 square metres. As well as c. 60 kinetic sculptures from the museum’s collection, the monographic exhibition includes sixteen works on loan from private collectors and Swiss museums. On display are also several key works from the museum’s collection of 140 sculptures that have not been exhibited for some time: Relief méta – mecanique sonore II (1955), Ballet des Pauvres (1961), Plateau agriculturel (1978) and Café Kyoto (1987) . The show also includes drawings by the artist, as well as photographs, films and documents from the museum’s extensive archive.

Arranged thematically in roughly chronological order, the presentation showcases the artist’s main groups of works, as well as adding new topics, bringing out aspects that have received less attention. In several places, thanks to the addition of specific works on loan, it is now possible to make comparisons and gain an overall picture of entire groups of works. Just as Jean Tinguely himself experimented with different approaches to exhibiting artworks during his lifetime (1925 – 1991), the new permanent exhibition presents the works in different ways.

Meta-Tinguely – a digital exhibition guide

As another new feature, Museum Tinguely is launching «Meta-Tinguely», a digital exhibition guide for visitors of all ages. The guide contains information on the artist’s life, offering a tour of the museum’s collection via a selection of nine works. Structured by three questions for each work, «Meta-Tinguely» offers information about the works in various formats. As well as explanatory texts and short quotations, there are pictures, galleries, animations and videos. In addition, fun facts, interactive features and instructions enable a playful approach to Tinguely’s art.

The guide also allows visitors to become actively involved. The museum deliberately chose a format that goes beyond the usual smartphone – based audio guides, connecting with the avant-garde, interactive and ludic potential of Tinguely’s art in this medium. The inclusion of a video for each featured work means that works rarely or never activated in the exhibition space for conservation reasons can be experienced in motion and with their sounds.

«Meta – Tinguely » is available in three languages – German, French and English – and can be used as a web app on a smartphone via the museum’s website. Free wifi access is available for all visitors.

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