December 05, 2020

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Prado Museum and Madpixel: a new Second Canvas App dedicated to Bosch

Prado Museum and Madpixel: a new Second Canvas App dedicated to Bosch

With the app Second Canvas Museo del Prado, a cutting-edge multi-device tool, the Prado is the world’s first museum to offer a new way to browse and discover in high definition the masterpieces in its Permanent Collection, through the app Second Canvas Museo del Prado, an innovative multi-device tool.

This app is the first to be developed with Madpixel’s Second Canvas platform. It tells the stories hidden within each painting through extra high-resolution details, x-radiographs and infra-red reflectographs. It also allows these unexpected details and others to be selected by the user and shared on the social networks.

In addition, Second Canvas Museo del Prado allows users to connect their iPhone or iPads to a tv or to a film projector, making it a tool that can be easily be applied to educational purpose.

Now, and as a step further on the Bosch 5th. Centenary celebrations, major masterpieces of the Flemish painter such as The Haywain Triptych, The Adoration of the Magi, The Table of the Seven Deadly Sins and The Garden of Earthly Delights area available to be explored at HR. Now, you can learn, discover and share from your tablet or smartphone, with the possibility to connect it to your TV’s screen. The appa allows you to explore Bosch’s masterpieces in super-high resolution, interact with them, choose your favourite detail and share it with your friends through social networks.

Some of the content includes extra material for each masterpiece and links to additional information, super-zoom to discover hidden details,  X-ray and IRR vision to see the drawing under the painting for featured works and to download the details with their stories so they can be accessed even when you’re offline or in airplane mode.

The app is available on the respective platforms: IOS and Android.



Top Image: Second Canvas Museo del Prado – Bosco / Second Canvas Museo del Prado – Bosch

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