Ruinart artist of the year: Erwin Olaf

Ruinart artist of the year: Erwin Olaf

Each year, the House of Ruinart gives an artist carte blanche: Hubert Le Gall, Piet Hein Eek, Hervé van der Straeten, Georgia Russell, José María Ciria and Abraham Lacalle are some of them. Now, it is the turn of Erwin Olaf .

At 57, he is today an internationally recognized photographer and artist. On his first visit to Reims, Erwin was fascinated and impressed by the depth and immensity of the crayères, and decided to concentrate on the details of their prehistoric natural formation and the traces left by man.

Erwin Olaf’s original work for the House of Ruinart tells the extraordinary story of Ruinart’s crayères through his camera’s lens.

He used his Hasselblad camera, which he has had for the last 35 years. Although he shot in black and white, he gave the photos a more luminous effect than if they had been created in colour.



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