December 05, 2020

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The early Picasso. The Blue and Rose periods

The early Picasso. The Blue and Rose periods

The Blue and Rose periods: in 2019, as an exceptional cultural highlight, the Fondation Beyeler is mounting a unique exhibition devoted to Pablo Picasso’s masterpieces.

This will be the most comprehensive presentation ever seen in Europe of Picasso’s paintings and sculptures from 1901 to 1906, each one of which is a milestone on the road to recognition as the twentieth century’s paramount artist.

The Blue and Rose periods PicassoLa Vie (1903), a magnificent masterpiece from Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period, is travelling from the Cleveland Museum of Art in Ohio to Basel to be shown in the exhibition.

Picasso’s pictures from this period are counted among the most beautiful examples of modern art and are certainly some of the most valuable artworks anywhere in the world.

At the age of just twenty, the aspiring genius Picasso (1881 – 1973) was already engaged in a restless search for new themes and forms of expression, which he immediately brought to perfection.

One artistic revolution followed another, in a rapid succession of changing styles and visual worlds.

The forthcoming exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler places the focus on the Blue and Rose periods, and thus on a central phase in Picasso’s work. It also sheds fresh light on the emergence, from 1907 onward, of Cubism, as an epochal new movement that was nevertheless rooted in the art of the preceding period.

The exhibition will bring together some eighty paintings and sculptures from the Blue and Rose periods. In these poignant and magical works, realized in Spain and France, Picasso – the artist of the century – creates images that have a universal evocative power.

Matters of existential significance, such as life, love, sexuality, fate, and death, find their embodiment in the delicate beauty of young women and men, but also in depictions of children and old people who carry within them happiness and joy, accompanied by sadness.

The exhibition, organized in cooperation with the Musée National Picasso and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, will include key works from the world’s outstanding museums and private collections.


Top Image:  PABLO PICASSO, ACROBATE ET JEUNE ARLEQUIN, 1905 Gouache on cardboard 105 x 76 cm Private collection © Succession Picasso / ProLitteris, Zürich 2018

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