December 05, 2020

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Welcome to the Future: a virtual reality installation called Nøtel
Welcome to the Future: a virtual reality installation called Nøtel

Welcome to the Future: a virtual reality installation called Nøtel

Nøtel, the hotel of the future: a virtual reality installation opening on September 1st at Stroom Den Haag.

Nøtel is an immersive, two-chapter, multimedia installation by London-based artist Lawrence Lek. A collaboration with electronic musician Kode9 (Steve Goodman).

The virtual reality installation invites us to speculate on the future of living, work, and our relationship with technology.

Nøtel is a virtual reality installation. It is a fictitious hotel chain that embodies the concept of fully automated luxury. Why not indulge in the intelligent sound system at the piano bar? Perhaps a bathe in the glow of our thermal spa?

Set in a future where elite society no longer requires permanent housing, but rather stays in temporary accommodation, Nøtel takes the hotel as the archetype of modern life to its natural conclusion.

Lek imagines that temporary accommodation shapes the future of architectural development, such as the one presented by sharing platforms like Uber and Airbnb. The exhibition presents a hyper-luxurious habitat where developed artificial intelligence develop domestic labour.

In the site specific Nøtel (The Hague), militarized upgrades are combined with high-tech surveillance systems, referring to the billion-euro industry under the moniker of The Hague Security Delta – a think-tank, consultancy and interest group.

Security Delta also connects governments to commercial tech corporations, weapons manufacturers and cyber security agencies, representing the official future vision for the region.

Nøtel (The Hague) opens on September 1st at 5pm at Stroom Den Haag, The Netherlands. Admission to the exhibition is free of charge. Nøtel runs until November 4th and will be complemented by an extensive program of events.

London-The Hague: Nøtel is a joint commission by Stroom Den Haag and arebyte Gallery London.

In collaboration with electronic musician Kode9, Lek has developed two different installations specific to their local contexts. In the exhibition at arebyte – from July 19th until September 1st 2018 – Lek reflects on the drastic changes developing in London around real estate speculation, financial markets and social mobility in the Brexit era.

Nøtel © Courtesy of the artist

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