Who is Tomás Saraceno?

Who is Tomás Saraceno?

Tomás Saraceno (b. San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, 1973) is an artist and architect internationally known for his visionary and surprising installations accessible to the public and able to modify the perception of architectural spaces.

His oeuvre, inspired by the tradition of 20th-century utopian architecture, stems from the desire to create aerial structures that can be inhabited by people, are self-sufficient and have a low environmental impact. His  installations shatter traditional concepts relating to place, time, gravity and traditional ideas as to what constitutes architecture.

His works are utopian and invite the viewer to play a part in their impact on a particular space, as they reach up to the sky and down to the ground.

The artist creates gardens that hang in the air and allow visitors to float in space, fulfilling a dream shared by all humankind. Saraceno draws inspiration from soap bubbles and the incredible strength and flexibility of spider webs.

Saraceno, who refers to himself as “living and working between and beyond planet Earth”, bases his work on themes such as the elimination of geographical, physical, behavioural and social barriers; the research into sustainable ways of life for humanity and the planet; the encounter and exchange among different disciplines and bodies of knowledge; the model of networking and sharing applied to all phases of the invention and execution of works and projects.

We  highlight some previous Saraceno’s exhibitions: Cloud Cities in Hamburger Banhoff and On Space Time Foam at Hangar Bicocca.

Top Image: Tomás Saraceno, Many suns and worlds, 2016 (installation view, The Vanhaerents Art Collection); courtesy the artist and Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York; © Tomás Saraceno

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